Just like that

Mr F broke his arm 1.5 hrs into the ski vacation in the Austrian alps. The Dock children and their skiing traditions… Never the less. The Mr and I discussed shortly if F should fly home by him self. And a couple of hours later they called. My loving parents. 80 years old, they come…

Happiness is a question

Happiness comes in different forms. Like a question from a boy. A boy, tall like a man but still a boy. A question that shows he’s thinking about his future and that he wants something.

Who on earth?

Yesterday, during lunch, the Mr reminded me that we once had julbord at the restaurant we were at. And I remembered. And, then I remembered that the kids were with us. Seriously, who in their right mind would let us have kids. Who allowed us into a restaurant at all? For sure, teens or 10…


I remember the times when all I asked for was 10 minutes by myself. Preferably doing something fun and semi-rewarding but I’d settle for alone-time in the bathroom. But not even that was possible. I also remembered the time when both of the kids where off on playdates and I got so much free time…

Mother’s day

The scent of the Lillies of the valley standing on the kitchen table reach my anosmia and reminds me that they summer together with the last day of school IS here (even if the whether tells me differently). Yesterday (Swedish Mother’s day) was spent at my childhood home (most probably for the last time) as my…

What to do

Somtimes I just want to hug my children and tell them that everything is going to be all right. So that is exactly what I do. #theonlywayicanbeaparent


If you generalize, Swede’s are very poor at being proud over them selves. We are usually not the ones who will climb up a mountain and scream out our joy for being ourselves, just because we are soooo good. Or, maybe that is exactly where we would do it, as nobody would hear us on the…

Just according to plan

Tomorrow, dear friends is my 40th birthday and today our youngest showed his first ever interest in the female gender. Just according to plan. “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”


Really, no more words are needed (and if someone wonders, the elderly peeps are my parents).  

Accepting what they are not

If you ask me I have together with my husband created the world’s two most wonderful children. Wonderful in every sense of the word (at least when I forget when they are both human and children…) We probably all know that all our children are not perfect, they should not be. They are children and foremost…