If you generalize, Swede’s are very poor at being proud over them selves. We are usually not the ones who will climb up a mountain and scream out our joy for being ourselves, just because we are soooo good. Or, maybe that is exactly where we would do it, as nobody would hear us on the top…

That was probably one of the things I liked living in the US. In that country it is OK to be proud over yourself. And say it.

I am not more than a person. A mother. A wife. A friend. An entrepreneur. A daughter. A sister. A me. I am proud over who I am and what I do. Most of all I am proud over the relationship I have created with my sons. To be the trusted one who they can turn to (at bedtime, like last post) to and from practice, over that afternoon fika. To be there to share the laughter or the pain.

I try very much to make them like themselves for the ones they are and not always what they accomplish. I try to make them believe in their dreams and to want them to have them big. And to have the strength to strive for what they want not what everybody else wants (for them or as it is somekind of norm).


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