My boys

Just as bottomless my frustration can be, just as never ending is my love for these two. Yesterday Fabian did his premiere in his big bros soccer team. they were short of people. You can see his pride as he enters the pitch in the image below. My two boys, so proud.

The perfect picture

Users of social media usually do their outmost to show a perfect picture of their lives. Most probably so do I. My life is perfect (or my life is much how I want it to be). I live it just like I want it. BUT I have a partner (who is not me) and children…


If you generalize, Swede’s are very poor at being proud over them selves. We are usually not the ones who will climb up a mountain and scream out our joy for being ourselves, just because we are soooo good. Or, maybe that is exactly where we would do it, as nobody would hear us on the…

Happiness on a Friday morning

What is the better moment than now, to feel happiness and gratitude? When I woke up my boys this morning I felt nothing but gratitude for the fact that they are in my life. Great feeling to acknowledge  

Power nap

A power nap was all I needed after a grand day with my sister in Copenhagen (yes, again, crazy is it not?) My sister gave this trip to Fabian on his birthday and Sam and I was invited to join 😜. We skipped Tivoli this time and went for museums instead and beer… and ice-creme….

When will it end?

I don’t know where I have been. Probably yelling my lungs off. From this day, I will really think twice, three or 100.074.663 times before I even consider to ask them to stop. And I will be sure to NEVER, EVER blame the older again, even if there are tangible marks of blood on little…

The beach

Is it something special with the beach? Or is it their genes? Their father brought up by it and my “new” love for it. But it doesn’t matter when we go there (biting winter or hot, well OK warmish then), the brothers become totally absorbed by it. They can play forever with what nature brings…

A day of pictures

I hope today was a real hello to spring and farewell to winter. The wind is still cold but in the sun (and free from wind) it was a lovely.  The beach was not 100% free from wind. But the boys and I had a great time in the sun. er, phhy