Review Skiathos

It started with poor imagination. The Mr wanted to go abroad during his vacation. No discussion. I never have that need. Or possibly I never need to, as my husband always wins that race. I understand him though. Living in Sweden and having an early vacation in June – you never know what weather you’ll…

Malik hitting Båstad

During the night the storm Malik was passing Båstad and Sweden. It peaked during the night, but still roams around. This morning many curious people (including ourselves) went down to the ocean and the harbor to see what Malik had been up to.

Enjoy it while you can

The other day I was doing my tax returns, calculating some figures while Fabian was eating his dinner, thinking I was working. After a while he said: “Wow, mum! I though that the only thing you were doing at your job, was sitting in meetings and deciding things. But you are calculating stuff too.” It…

Nature and memories

I had to go back to my parents for another round of cleaning out of old stuff (so much crap one saves…). Instead of keeping it all I chose to take som pics. Driving to my parents I also got flabbergasted over nature’s brilliance. To be honest I must have grown up at one of…


I love the sun. It doesn’t need to be ridiculously warm, but sun helps. Today is such a day. Time to enjoy it, with a cup of coffee. Ahhhh.  

Happy Easter

As always when I write a lot at work I write less privately. So let’s keep it short and rejoice that spring and Easter are here and we celebrate it with friends, family, outdoor activities, wine and ridicolous amounts of candy. Happy Easter all!                  


Saw these and remember and miss the summer.

40 is the new 20, party people and gratitude

I will share some pictures from a surprise birthday party we went to yesterday. What an honor for us, what a surprise for the birthday child and what a day, evening, night and morning it was. The scenery could not be much better, the party was set at the beautiful Tosterup castle, the weather was…

Just some pics

Took the dog to the beach for a walk the other day. It was a great spring day.

Morning walk

Happiness comes in different forms and sizes for us all. For me it came this morning, with a late start, bit of sun and a walk with my darlings.