More happy things and some false accusations

A friend of mine came to visit the other day. Just like today, the Swedish summer took a pause and the grey skies and winds conquered our country.

But as we Swede’s live after they saying “There is no bad weather only poor clothing” (or no clothing in some cases…), we went out for a picnic anyway. I brought my camera and captured some great moments.


The only thing (besides the weather) that    clouded our day was the wrongly accusations a man gave our kids (I think it was to Sam as the man turned to him) for throwing his Brikenstock slippers into the ocean. Yes, Sam could have done this, as any other child, but:

1. I was with him and he is not stupid enough to do this “crime” when I am with him,

2. None of us adult left the children out of sight for a moment and we did not see them throw slippers. We saw them throw stones, but they were in fact stones and not Birkenstock’s.

3. The look on Sam’s face when the man started the conversation, showed that he had no clue what he was talking about. Sam is a terrible lier, just like his father.

Both my friend and I didn’t really understand what just happened. And my comfort is that the man  shortly after our meeting realize that he just accused the wrong people and hopefully feel a bit agony and thereafter learn that it is better to be really sure on your case before you accuse people.

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