Winter’s coming

This post I should have written a week ago. Now winter is here and according to the weather reports gone by Monday. It would have been great with a white Christmas. Today it was -18 C when Sam drove from work around 7 am. When walking Tesla (yes, with my studs) it was only -15…

Winter came

From +15 to -2 C in a week . Yesterday was a beautiful cold day. Today I woke up to a winter wonderland. I love snow. Hate to drive in it. But I got to the gym (and back). And today the Mr will return from Rome. Tomorrow it will probably all gone.


I love the sun. It doesn’t need to be ridiculously warm, but sun helps. Today is such a day. Time to enjoy it, with a cup of coffee. Ahhhh.  

Home sweet home

Today I took the boys to their grandparents and my family home. The weather was fantastic, the first day with summer temperature and spring really showed that it taking over nature. These facts and that my parents are putting their place out on the market to move to something smaller got me nostalgic driving there, Knowing that…

More happy things and some false accusations

A friend of mine came to visit the other day. Just like today, the Swedish summer took a pause and the grey skies and winds conquered our country. But as we Swede’s live after they saying “There is no bad weather only poor clothing” (or no clothing in some cases…), we went out for a…

Com’ on already

Swedes (in general) does not like to chitchat with unknown people. But we are working on it. And when we do, we follow the British and talk about the weather. And do we have things to say about the weather at this moment. Get lost. Disappear. We love a real winter but end March? –…

1 December

1 December came with degrees below zero C. It really adds to the Christmas feeling.