How I love

That Sam puts hus alarm on on a Saturday morning. I guess I see it as a sign that he’s taking responsibility. Making sure he get’s things done.

Fun times

My biggest inability as a mother has been playing with my children. Lego building there has been some of and and cuddles and watching films. But imaginary games, not so much. Another thing that has been around has been board games and playing cards. The latter one is one of the most common things we…

What happened

Today Sam came home with his graduation cap. I can’t comprehend this. Our oldest is done with school. He’s officially a real adult and we don’t need to care for him. Naturally I teared up. I’m so not ready for this and I force myself to remind myself what his daycare teacher Helene told me,…

Them and us

My iPhone made a new suggestion of my pictures and films. It was quite cute actually. And I really dislike the fact that the embedded version is only visible in edit mode.Of course it’s me who has done something wrong here, but I can’t figure out what and if it’s going to be THAT hard…

More spring

God I love it. Spring and my cherry trees.


In a couple of weeks (if just the temperature will rise some more) our garden will peak. Our cherry blossoms are divine. DIVINE.

Maundy Thursday’s egg hunt

I think I have a small hunch to why, we in our household, have the Easter egg hunt on Maundy Thursday. In Sweden kids dress up as Easter witches on Maundy Thursday and goes “trick or treating” (or just treating – meaning walking around the neighbourhood asking for money or candy) before leaving for Blåkulla….

Good Friday playdate

Once upon a time Good Fridays were just like like we call them in Sweden Long Fridays. Because you couldn’t do anything and TV and (more common at the time) radio was just depressing organ music. This is what I’ve been told by my parents, I wasn’t born in these bleak times or at least…

Unreasonable pleasure

Photography and editing thereof provides me with, what I would say, unreasonable pleasure. And I don’t do it often enough. I stared my self employed career as a photographer: Quite cheeky many would say, as I had only a couple of private trainings, no college or higher education. But people loved my work and it…

Will not!

Yesterday I heard Fabian coughing… again. He later complained about a soar throat. And then some more coughing. Last week the whole family was well after four weeks of cold from one to another and now we are back at it. I almost panicked when I heard the coughing. I will not WILL NOT be…