Our princess

She’s so precious our little princess. Love her to death we do.


Sometimes it’s simple. Love. It’s just like this.

Christmas thankfulness

Silent night or morning in my case. As you know my favourite. Also on Christmas morning. The Mr just came home from working the nightshift, sleeping some hours to later get on a new one. I’ll let the boys sleep a little longer to later force them have breakfast with their mother and joining me…

When things don’t turn out

Sometimes things don’t turn out as you think. But then you can bake. With your son. When done you enjoy your fika.

What’s a life?

I found a draft from 2019 with this heading “What’s a life”. Today I’d say it is what I have right now. Breakfast outside, sun shining (I had to block it with a parasol), training done and no plans what so ever. My life right now makes me extremely thankful. I take a minute to…

The delusion of control

A couple of years back I had an assignment at a customer who was in the process of implementing “a self managing organisation”. I don’t know if this post has anything to do with the fact that the company was exploring self management and going through a transformation, but one epiphany during this time was…

It’s a dog’s life

When growing up, me and my family didn’t have dogs. We had a cat and a number of horses. The Mr did. Both Miniature (I think) Schnauzers and Newfoundland. The Mr and I decided around the turn of the century (God how fun and old that sounds) to get a dog. I know he wanted…


If people knew how much they say about themselves by talking… it would be so much more quite in the world and more things would get done (as they hopefully would work when they didn’t talk).  

How stupid would I be

If I didn’t cherish every single day. People might think I’m naive for thinking like that. I know I’m not. Reposting an old picture on my Facebook profile with our small dudes. So small. Even if I can’r recollect those times, I know I appreciated them. Because I do it every day. Every single day I…

Up like a sun down as pancake

Classic Swedish saying. A day that started good (excluding the cold with sore throat and a light fever) just plunged back to the basement. The code word is teenager…