It all ended well

Many people misunderstand my strive for happiness as me needing to be happy all the time – H.E.L.L N.O. I am probably the best (meaning highest) combo of all feelings. Sad, angry, happy, etc. etc. Today we (OK I) took a turn to the angry zone. Me and Sam had the worst quarrel since… I don’t know. There is not much that ticks me off than going for pleasure before work. That was what young  Mr Dock did today. He choose to record a video gaming session (yes, that’s what young people do nowadays) before doing his homework. Me do not like. At all. For different reasons I didn’t keep my cool and neither did Sam. And not keeping our cool’s in this family is like multiple volcano eruptions… But the most important thing. When the tears had dried, the voices calmed down and the homework done it was sorted out. Both of us forgave ourselves and one another and talked it through what we could think of next time (and yes, there will be many next times…). In the end we had a really good discussion. And this fact, us having a discussion about it will for sure send us off to happiness.

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