Today we had a play date with one of my high school friends and family. With we I mean the dogs. Buddy haven’t had so many play dates due to his parents. I’m devastated over this fact, when I see how good he is. Buddy, Tesla and Sansa had a great time – and so…

4.5 weeks

Meaning that in 3.5 weeks she will be home and then crazy will live here for a while. We were asked to pick two, the breeder will then decide. Mine and Fabian’s favourite was light blue. While Sam’s was yellow. The Mr loved them all.

My boys

Just as bottomless my frustration can be, just as never ending is my love for these two. Yesterday Fabian did his premiere in his big bros soccer team. they were short of people. You can see his pride as he enters the pitch in the image below. My two boys, so proud.

Long time no see

I know I have been awful at posting. Why? you might ask. I think I just needed to stop thinking and having viewpoints. BUT we have been been to the wonderful island of Lanzarote for a weeks vacation. I’m such as priviliged person.  

It’s not…

Five weeks of vacation is by the end of the day officially over, tomorrow it’s just a regular weekend. The Mr took two extra shifts (today and tomorrow), so from a family perspective vacation was over already at 5.30 am this morning. It’s not that I don’t like working, I kind of do and I’m…

Vacay – trip 3

And the morning after F’s 11 birthday, off we went. The entire clan. Up to the northern part of Stockholm’s archipelago and the island Blidö. Where we finally got to experience the Mr’s childhood friend’s summer home (he’s been talking about it forever, that is how old they are). His childhood friend is also my…

Slope sliding

Returned home after a 7 day ski trip. Absolutely the best thing a family can do together. Absolutely the hardest thing a 40 year old body can do. But I got most bruises from getting up and down in the bunk bed… Today we will spend as good Christians, doing nothing. Tomorrow we need to…

A trip to Denmark

Out of the blue the Mr said: “Ah, the heck with it, let’s go to Copenhagen!”. So we did. An overnight stay with animals, art, design and shopping. With the best boys around.                                             

Mini week-end

We went to Gothenburg on a mini week-end with a hotel stay and with our goal set on the amusement park Liseberg. For the first time I didn’t go on any rides. Last year’s encounter with the ride Helix, made me take the decision. Maybe for life. (I love rides for the ride, but my balance…

An ordinary life

I belong to what people would call “the commoners”. I am not famous (not notorious either for that matter). I don’t have famous friends. I don’t have loads of money that can take me all the places I want to go (this I would like to have, not so much the money as being able to…

All my boys

I am one of them who strongly misbelieve the ones who, in their social media status, constantly tell how fantastic their partners and/or children are. We all know they might be and most likely are asses (or something similar) more often than they are perfect. Never the less I realize i am one of them….

London baby

We, of a certain age, know the expression “London Baby”. The Dock family just returned from a longer week-end in this fab city. Love the Brittish. Their correctness and politness. Just love it. Love it. And the architecture! Could just walk around the city watching it. I will not suger-coat it. There was some moaning,…

Morning walk

Grey, windy, rainy Sunday. What you need is a walk by the ocean with a dog and your family.


Really, no more words are needed (and if someone wonders, the elderly peeps are my parents).  


Really, there are no words needed.

It all ended well

Many people misunderstand my strive for happiness as me needing to be happy all the time – H.E.L.L N.O. I am probably the best (meaning highest) combo of all feelings. Sad, angry, happy, etc. etc. Today we (OK I) took a turn to the angry zone. Me and Sam had the worst quarrel since… I…

Stockholm and Peter Jöback

For some time now, my sister and I never give each other any birthday presents or Christmas gifts. Instead we do something together once a year. Usually a concert. Or a musical. Or a play. Personally I prefer anything with Peter Jöback. This year our budget let us go to Stockholm where we went madly shopping…

Happiness on a Friday morning

What is the better moment than now, to feel happiness and gratitude? When I woke up my boys this morning I felt nothing but gratitude for the fact that they are in my life. Great feeling to acknowledge  

At the top while at the bottom

Even if the header is slight exaggeration of my current status I can not find a better way to describe the man-cold that currently has taken hostage over my body. But even if I am close to death, I joined the rest of the family for a walk in the forrest today. And it was…

Morning walk

Happiness comes in different forms and sizes for us all. For me it came this morning, with a late start, bit of sun and a walk with my darlings.

Birthday coming up

Well, we have survived Christmas and with honors. We dID the most sain thing and did not stress. We focus on the things we want and not necessarily what the rest of the extended family want. After all there are 364 other days to meet, why squeeze it in on one specific.. But we (OK,…

Chores of the home

I know that chores around the home is good for the soul. When you do them because you want them to. Like yesterday, when I could decorate for advent. hang some advents stars and candelabra in the window. My body and mind was at a place I haven’t been in weeks. The day was ended…

T as in family

It is clear that all things are relative. Would I entitle my family (me, my parents and sister) as close? Maybe not, but still… yes, very. In the family I was brought up in we fight a lot (but way less now then before) but maybe we were just loud. We do not call each…

A day of pictures

I hope today was a real hello to spring and farewell to winter. The wind is still cold but in the sun (and free from wind) it was a lovely.  The beach was not 100% free from wind. But the boys and I had a great time in the sun. er, phhy

I choose to call it “stuck in a development step”

Some might call it crisis. I think I might have done that to. But to stay prosperous and cheerful I choose this more forward looking terminology. I thought I had mine 40-year crisis some years ago. And therefore convinced that this would mean I wouldn’t get one closing in on 40… All of a sudden…