Stockholm and Peter Jöback

For some time now, my sister and I never give each other any birthday presents or Christmas gifts. Instead we do something together once a year. Usually a concert. Or a musical. Or a play. Personally I prefer anything with Peter Jöback.

This year our budget let us go to Stockholm where we went madly shopping (I who only needed some pants) and musical play by the talented Jonas Gardell.

IMG_3220 IMG_3236 IMG_3248 IMG_3265

One of the cast was Peter. It was a good play. But personally I appreciated Peters sining performance the most (comedian Johan Glans’ charm and witt). His voice moves me.

Peter_Jobackpress2_Karin_ThornblomPicture: Karin Thörnblom

And now I just died a little as I found out he is performing in an exclusive (90 seats only) concert in London they days before we get there.

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