The nicest thing I ever heard

Yesterday at the municipality’s business festival (which I believe has the best location in Sweden, Norrvikens trädgårdar), I ran in to an old acquaintance and former board colleague. We talked about the years that passed and how the kids are getting older, but that I don’t think Sam is ready to move out. Then she said:

“But you are a very sociable family, who likes to hang out together.”

My reply was: “Ehhh, well… yes, I don’t really know, but yes maybe we are.”

Then it hit me. Yes I think we are. I mean I can only answer for myself and there I would say I’m bias. But yes, if the rest of the family enjoys our common weekday dinners (which we try to a majority of the week’s evenings) and the accompanied laughter and affectionate batters, I think the answer would be: “Yes we are!”

This has been (and still is) one of my missions in life. To be a parent with everything that comes with that assignment, but to also be a person that my children, also as they become adults likes to be around. It’s a never ending job.

Photo credit: Pontus Höök

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