Not 100% secure yet. But with that knowledge we still decided to celebrate. Better to celebrate one time too many. Let you in when we know for sure.


I think I’ve mentioned that my biggest anxiety getting Tesla was how Buddy would react and adapt. The first days he really didn’t want to see her. But step by step he has accepted her. He’s the boss but at the same time has the patience of… I don’t know what.

They made it

Fabian’s football team had qualifying games for a national league (which of course is not one, but several). Anyhow, there were three teams qualifying and… Do you know what?! The boys did it. So next season they will meet fierce competition, making them better players. Fabian chose to get ill after the first game and…


Tomorrow we return to work – yikes! How will I, who work from home, manage… What is working is the relationship between Tesla and Buddy Boy. This is probably what I’ve worried most about. Also in general everything is progressing. Tonight we slept from 11.00 pm till 5.40. No nightly calls for the bathroom.

Tesla in da house

So the day had come. To pick up Tesla. I‘ve been sooo nervous. I can’t believe that we actually have had three dogs prior and not to forget two children. I guess I’ve gotten old. Changes is just not for me. But Tesla is ❤️. One of the things I’ve been nervous about is how…

Proud, prouder, proudest

We barely made it home from our lunch date when our soccer app provided us with the news that Fabbe scored in his first ever game with youth aged 19. He was substituted in the 85th minute and scored in the 90th. I screamed (as I usually do when it comes to soccer) and was…

Windy walk

There are better ways to start a Sunday than driving your youngest to the soccer gathering at 06.20. But of course it’s worth it when you feel the energy through the loud music playing in the car. But there are not many better ways to spend Sunday lunch than with the Mr and friends at…

What’s a job really?

This week I have once again see that how people’s views on things can be really different. Which of course is ok. I guess what is important is that we all respect that our own view doesn’t fit all. Wether its age and wisdom or just something else that made me realize that a job…

I’m one of them

Not in, say… a million years. I thought I’d be one. One of them. I actually used to loath them somewhat. Those people. The people who are done with their exercise before 7.00 am . But now I am. One of those who are standing “ready to go” (here I’m slightly exaggerating) at 5.50 am….