Why my generation always will be needed

The simple answer, because we have a brain and we use it. We understand that even if I personally cannot help the customer, the customer needs help and I am the one who can lead that process forward.

When I explain to the wee lad that I cannot register electronic invoices, explained to him what didn’t work, how I and one of his colleagues tried to solve it a week ago and it still doesn’t work his answer was: “Well, I don’t know what to do?” When he thought I would be satisfied with this answer, smoke started to sip out from my ears and I explained to him that then he needed to go and talk to one of his managers or team leads or whatever to see how they could do. They couldn’t do anything.

Now I will call them back to see if I get an older customer support person, who actually understands how to support customers.

Photo credit: Simran Sood – Unsplash

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