From time to time we hear that young people are lazy and don’t respect the “elderly”. Well, let me tell you something – you “elderly people”. Be a freaking good role model! If you are not, do not even start to think about complaining about the kids.

I notice that when kids search for summer jobs, it’s hard for them to get replies. I ‘m not talking about a deep feedback kind of answer just a short:
Thanks for your interest in working with us, we will be back [date/indication of month/whatever].” or “Thanks for your application, we haven’t got the possibility to provide any summer jobs this year.” But never ever no reply.

I know that big companies does this to for ordinary applications too, but it doesn’t make it or other any better. I actually think it is even worse when it comes to kids.

Or how about this one. “Thanks for your application, your profile sounds very interesting to us. We will start our recruitment soon and will be back end March/beginning of April with more information.”

Mid April passes and you ask your son to get in touch with them. He sends an e-mail. No answer. After two more weeks you tell him that he needs to call (yes, that scary thing when you need to speak to someone you’ve never met before 😱😱😱). Automatic text answer “I can’t talk right now”. Returning a text asking how the application process proceeds. No answer. Tries to call again a day later. The same automatic text reply. Calls again and gets a text if the company can call tomorrow. Son informs person the time he has lunch and at that time he will be able to take his call. Person doesn’t call. Son (without parents telling) calls. Person hangs up.

This is where my head starts spinning, smoke comes out of my ears and I start to swear very long sentences. I’m sooooo close to call this man up and ask him what the fuck he is doing? Ask for his number by son.

Son texts that the man had called him now and there is a great possibility for him to get summer job, but he knows better in two weeks time. Now, was that so hard to answer in an e-mail?

Photo credit: Jean Wimmerlin – Unsplash

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