I knew it


Don’t you just love those people who, presented with the correct answer, blurts out: “I knew it!”.

I remember myself doing this at the last day of school when the class had a quiz. Every time it was my turn I said those words, very happy and probably somewhat frustrated. And the parents (including my own) laughed a little more for each time I mentioned it. In hindsight it feels like I got all my questions in that quiz wrong. But I wasn’t that bad, was I?

Anyhow, I have read (in detail) and started to process the feedback from my (yes, I will call her that, it make me feel like an author) professional reader. And the fun fact is that the majority of the areas (yes, there are several) she wants me to think about I had spotted myself. I knew about them already.

But what I couldn’t do, was approach them to improve them. And that was exactly the help I got from Selma at Textologerna. She blurted out (in the nicest possible way), what I needed to do and gave me examples on how that could be done. So, I urge anyone who is in the process of writing a book to take the support from a professional reader. Money well spent.

I must say that I dreaded this part of the process, where I’m asked to redo the whole book (more a sensation than a fact), but instead I’m feeling very energized about it. Now my biggest challenge will be to follow her advice on let the script rest for a while. But as I know she was write about all those things, she is probably correct again.

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