T as in family

It is clear that all things are relative. Would I entitle my family (me, my parents and sister) as close? Maybe not, but still… yes, very.

In the family I was brought up in we fight a lot (but way less now then before) but maybe we were just loud. We do not call each other every day, sometimes not even once a week. We meet up regularly but not excessively. So from that perspective, we are not close.

But boy, are we there for each other when things happens? When the shit really hits the fan. Then we team up, like a formula 1 racing team. Someone turns the fan off, another gets the towels and we help all together to clean the mess, and each other, up. Sometimes we shout along the way, but usually we can talk and joke about it. At least when it is all over.

My parents have been truly unsuccessful in some matters (if I might say so). But they are always there. Still. We always see what is best for everybody involved. It might drag us all down a bit. But we never let one sink alone to the bottom.

I love that. That we are a team, knowing that I will never be alone. At least as long as I transfer the team spirit to my own family.

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