An ordinary life

I belong to what people would call “the commoners”. I am not famous (not notorious either for that matter). I don’t have famous friends. I don’t have loads of money that can take me all the places I want to go (this I would like to have, not so much the money as being able to travel all over the world with my family). I am not invited to premieres or awards (this I would like to, at least once). But I have this.

My boys. Healthy boys. Bright boys. And I have him, the Mr who in this very minute sits at a hotel room eating a jar of Ben & Jerry’s.

Maybe I want more, but at least I have the ability to recognize what I have while I have it.

I also got a dog and a car that goes really, really fast. And that ain’t too bad either. And I also got the best of unknown friends.

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