My biggest asset

When it come to my biggest personal physical (?) asset the other day reminded me that it is – my brain. Naturally, I don’t really recognize or celebrate it enough, as I believe that everybody has this ability. Which you don’t and I sort of pity you. All jokes aside, I do like, appreciate and…

What if?

I just went back to sleep? Like right now. My thick, not sore, throat woke me up 1.5 hrs ago. Been doing all sorts of things except sleeping. Now I will give it a go. Wish me luck.

You also need

Really good neighbours. Who takes your kids to and from practice, allowing you to plunder the Christmas tree. And making a small fortune when doing so.  

Expression of the year

The year is not long gone, but one of the favourite expression of my two offsprings are “But duuuuh!”. An expression that is being used for almost any time when spoken to. Feels like we have something special going here.

I think I got it

My entire grown-up life, at least from 33 I have been asking and figuring out what I want to do with my life. I have noticed that it changes all the time. Something that I am not fully convienced I like. But it is a fact. The last 6 months or so I have been…

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. This is really for my own reading. A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,300 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many…

I’m sorry, I’ve lied

For as long as I can remembered I have stoically claimed that cooking is not my cup of tea. As late as Boxing Day I mentioned my poor skills in the cuisine area to friends.  I don’t like it, really. But with the right circumstances I rock. R.O.C.K! Today I served the best ever roasted…

Summarizing 2015

Reflection is always good, especially when done. This is some of 2015’s: Best: The family’s skiistrip to Sälen. Life at its best. Most unexpected: That our house got sold on my birthday. Sadness: Thankfully, none Re-run favorite:  Skiing in Sälen (again, I love skiing) or the day trip to Hallandsväderö Project: Finding a new home. Love: Tobias, Samuel, Fabian and…

Cry party

Just watched “The theory of everything”, crying my eyes out. Watch it!

I need to get a hobby

I bored out of my mind. The boys are enjoying themselves and I have nothing to do! I need to get a hobby. Or I need to start exercising. Because that is what I “would” do if I hade more time. Or at least that is what I have told myself. There are really no…


The Mr is working. The entire Christmas. Starting last night and continued this afternoon/evening. And continues to do so all Christmas days and some more. So we started with some early gifts this morning. The rest of us then spent the day with my family and returned home in time for the Swedish tradition of Disney…

Happiness on a Thursday morning

To have the time to finish the last pages of a good novel on a regular Thursday morning, what a treat. Add to that some TV-time with the youngest and a cup of coffee and we’re close to bliss.

Days like this

I don’t know why. But for me, independence has always been so important. I don’t know if it is “the good girl” lurking around the corner or what. I do think independence IS important, especially for women as around them it can’t be taken for granted. So when weekends like this one comes along and…

A golden umbrella 

The joy it brings to get a golden drink umbrella in your glass, when you ask the 9-year old to get you a glass when you lie with a fever feeling poor. Gets you healthier in a sec.

Oh the joy

I know it is not always the case to combine the words kids and fun. But going to the store yesterday with our oldest, I just had to express how happy I was getting kids altogether. It IS fun, at the time their sense of humor is great, I love their drive and responsibility, as…


How fun it is to watch people. Especially kids. How easy it is to think that they, how we, are all the same.  But we are not. We are all different and unique. And all equally valuable  and loveable irrespectably if we are shy, bold, quiet or rowdy. 



A day like this

Today I wake up to the aftermath of dark forces try to take openess, freedom and democracy from us. Today is also when my very dear friend takes a final farewell to us all. It’s days like this that my gratitude towards my simple life with my boyz and my ability to live here and…

Too young too soon

When you are 16 and leave your parents and friends to embark on a journey to a foregin country, far far away. You appreciate the people who opens up their already ongoing lives and let you in. Who becomes your new friends, who teach you new things and who creates new memories with you. When…

One celebration after another

Today it is the Mr’s birthday. 42. We met when he was about to turn 20, which is really a long time ago. I guess that says it all. He is a fantastic human being. We do don’t agree on everything, but we laugh a lot. We kiss a lot and hug a lot. To be…

To you

Time 9.40 p.m., date 14 October 2015. What a day. At 07.00 am I was greeted with song from three voices and a very happy dog (who I believe thought it was him who was celebrated). The day ended with a date with the same boyz. The most amazing people in my world. The workday was interrupted…

I care

Some say they don’t care about their birthdays. I am not one of those people. So, happy birthday to me.

Quality of life

I am, as most others a simple, but complex, human being. I like to do stuff. And to be able to do, I need to earn the dough (no, not everything I like doing costs money, but others; like traveling, do). But I also like freedom, especially flexibility. Today is such a day. It’s filled…

How are u?

Have you ever thought of what a great question that is? For you. Not for the one asking it. Today I got a text, asking that question. From someone who was truly interessted in me. And it got me thinking that I to want to know how I am. I will think about that. Not…


It is cold outside, inside and in my nose. Let’s hope it will be over tomorrow when I am off to our wi…book club after a stylish after work at beautiful Riviera hotel.

Modern friends

I am old. Old enough to remember the sitcom Friends and I thought, and still thinks, it’s one of the most fun shows. In the lates years Modern Family has tagged along as a runner-up (or new first, since it is a really, really fun show). This is one of my favorite clips. Have a good…


Today I failed twice. Not failing as “not deliver”, but I failed in my promisses to myself. Pathetic? Yes. End of the world? No. Learn and become stronger for next time, that is what I’ll do.

When will it end?

Spending parts of the weekend with my oldest and dearest friends? Talking memories and life. Discussing and laughing. And realizing! Realizing that menopause is just around the corner (and for some we have most probably just turned that corner and entered “pre-meno”. Well THANK YOU TO!). I can’t believe it. For women there is always…


I just started to use Safari again after a while with Google Chorme (Chromes just wasn’t stable enough, the same reason I have up Safari a while back). Going back and cleaning out bookmarks I realize that I truly am special. I know I am, due to all my wonderful, odd and charming characteristic. But also because…

Crack, snapple and pop

For over a month I have done physiotherapy. Not because I have been in a terrible accident or because I’ve busted an ACL. No, I am simply an office rat who have poor strength in, and thereby over rotated, shoulders. I have been ordained different activities to build my strength and by all means stretch muscles…

Kind of winning the lottery

When you have planned to do your part, to chip in, for the kids’ non-profit sports organisations and realize it is not your turn until two moths! Then you get happy, almost as happy we would get winning the lottery. Then you can do fun things like finish a book or edit pictures. Or why not both? The…

Just so you know

For all you parents to be, you with newborn babys, small children or bigger ones; take my advise. Not because I’m better than you, that you’re not good enough, just because, because I know. ENJOY your children. CHERISH them. LOVE the time. I know, sometimes they are too much. Too much of everything. We seriously…

I hate you, I love you

It is OK to be hated (of course hate is never OK, but read on, I only use it for effect reasons AND because it was how it actually was said), when “I love you” follows. When I woke Sam up this morning he was greated me with the words:”Oh, I hate you.” When I…

What a crappy day

To have the life I have and to not do anything better with it besides being hungover and half asleep on the couch, is almost a crime. I need to get a plan, also for weekends.

Kids are smart – how wonderful, how terrible

Sometimes, when I’m tired, stressed or whatever and the kids are (naturally from a distance) seeking my attention (in 90% my, not the Mr’s). I collect myself by taking a deep breath to surpress any form of annoyance in my voice. I do this, because I don’t want my kids to experience themselves as a…


Once in a while, it hits me. Like a barrell of bricks. How they grow. I just looked at our youngest and got stunned how tall he is. Today, for a split second, I wondered why the oldest had the 6:th grader’s schedule with him home.

Thank God!

Last week was my first full week back to work after the Swedish “mandatory” four weeks of summer vacation. It was tough. Our late nights, late mornings made it almost impossible for me to keep my eyes open when arriving at my desk. Even if my last weeks at home wasn’t conflict free (me and…

My boys

If you are a regular visitor to this page you can’t have missed that my boys are my everything. So getting this:   while working makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. There they are; enjoying life and all I want is to be together with them (even if I almost died…

To be loved

It is a blessing to be loved. I just finished a short phone-call with my mother and I just realized what a blessing it is to have parents who loves you.

Where will it end?

Some days I think it is set. There will be no worries. Our kids will be just fine. And other days, I think that there is no way they will manage without the assistance of a trustee (and not only for the financial matters of things, but that for sure to…). I take a breath…

Busy bee

So much going on in my head at the moment. A little work a lot of life. Once I know where I land, I will share it with you. PS. Barefoot rose and salt & vineager chips (crisps) are the best. Especially combined.   

Our youngest

My boys, my pride. Fabian our youngest is developing both on and off the the pitch and it has become so clear to me, just the last year, that he to is not only little bro. He is a boy with his own interests, ways and dreams. And I love to follow all of them.

One of the good ones

A weekend with the family. Graduation, exercise (track and football) and Sunday luxury. All together with the ones most important to me.       

Life soundtracks

I’m the kind if person who get very strong affirmation by music. I have a couple of life soundtracks that help me steer me towards my future. Right now I play this song on repeat on Spotify. It makes me feel good, it makes me feel “the best”.


Yes, a little control freak lives inside me. It loves when things are under control. Like now. Fantastic feeling.

The worrying kind

I have learnt that worrying is useless waste of energy. The only benefit one will gain from worrying, is the possibility for the worrier to say: “I told you so”. Which often by nature, as it is connected to worries, is gloom and doom. And therefore I keep my worrying to a minimum.  But at the…


It’s amazing how two individuals with the same pre-conditions react totally different when being caught doing things they know the shouldn’t do.  One lies through his teeth and wouldn’t cave for torture maffia style. While the other admits before charged and throws himself to the ground asking for mercy on his soul.

It’s here

Well it has been here earlier this year. But now I see it. Spring sits in the neighbour’s tree. Green buds of life. Thank the lord, life has returned once again.

I am the power

You realize you are one important target group when Coca Cola makes a altered re-run of your youth in their commercials. Striking cords in our nostalgic us. I remember that this was the first time I understood that songs (and people) could be bought in the face of commerce (and I was total confused when the…