The worrying kind

I have learnt that worrying is useless waste of energy. The only benefit one will gain from worrying, is the possibility for the worrier to say: “I told you so”. Which often by nature, as it is connected to worries, is gloom and doom. And therefore I keep my worrying to a minimum. 

But at the same time, neccessity is the mother of all inventions. And for me, as entrepreneur, sometimes comes from the fact that I’ve been pushed (allowed of free will, and possibly lazyness) to the rim of things before they start to solve/unveal themselves (before I do my part to solve/unveal them). And standing on this rim, I sometimes feel a sense of uncertenty, a nudge of worry. Which, at the same time, when solved, gives me the great sense of satisfaction, something I never felt when I was stuck in “Safeandsecureville”.

I will never ever be a person (I think) who seeks he highs of adrenaline rushes, the ones you only get from skydiving or similar (they say). But being able to return back into security from the rim of uncertenty makes me feel just a little more alive, and I believe that is one important ingredient of living.

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