Summarizing 2015

Reflection is always good, especially when done. This is some of 2015’s:

Best: The family’s skiistrip to Sälen. Life at its best.
Most unexpected: That our house got sold on my birthday.
Sadness: Thankfully, none
Re-run favorite:  Skiing in Sälen (again, I love skiing) or the day trip to Hallandsväderö
Project: Finding a new home.
Love: Tobias, Samuel, Fabian and Buddy.
Concert: Coldplay in Copenhagen, 2012, I’m sorry I haven’t been to many and none can top that one.
Song: Love me like you do and Want to want me (yes, queen of pop I am)
Party: Lina’s 40 year’s bash, solid women only
Laughter: Many
Development: Yes, that is the question. Don’t think I have done much of this, this year. I have dared to say no to jobs and that too is development.
Anxiety: As always, the fear of something will happen to my boys.
Unfinished: That book that I should’ve completed this year (I’m talking about writing not reading).
Success: I made yet another year as self-employed. Working less hours but making more money as I did as an employee. I call it a win-win situation.
Change: Purchase of plot and building of house/home (even if not much has happened yet)
Lack: Dreams
Keeper: Self-employment, I love the flexibility and freedom
Reunion: The three classes from my junior high, at Ljungbyhedsskolan. Fun and surprising. Country people are just solid.
Clothes purchase: That cashmere sweater. It hurt some, but totally worth it. As it always is when it hurts in your wallet.
Book: After you, Jojo Moyes
Reflection: Why it is so hard for me to find out what I want to do in life and why it is so important for me to know.
Promise for 2016: (Once again) finding out what I really want to do with my life and make sure I’ll do it. And starting to exercise (again). There, now I have it in writing.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Lina says:

    OMG! I got party of the year! Ok, the guests made the whole thing but it was thanks to me! Woop woop

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