Kids are smart – how wonderful, how terrible

Sometimes, when I’m tired, stressed or whatever and the kids are (naturally from a distance) seeking my attention (in 90% my, not the Mr’s). I collect myself by taking a deep breath to surpress any form of annoyance in my voice. I do this, because I don’t want my kids to experience themselves as a bother. I want my kids to always feel comfortable in turning to me (no, it doesn’t mean that I always do come running for their assistance, I choose my battles).

Anyhow, the usage of that inhale must’ve been discovered. Yesterday, all naturally and with no aim to surpress anything, while S was explaining something he’d experienced, such, or similar, inhale happened (totally unconciously to me).

He quickly interrupted himself and asked if this wasn’t a good time for him to tell me his story.

This made me both proud and sad. Proud as my son, who previously have had a hard time noticing modest indications, has developed in his social abilities.

On the other hand I am sad that my boys have figured out that I sometimes am bothered by their needs. And not only when I truly am and tell the whole neighbourhood that I am…

Don’t ever underestimate your children. They are way, WAY ahead of you.

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