What happened

Today Sam came home with his graduation cap. I can’t comprehend this. Our oldest is done with school. He’s officially a real adult and we don’t need to care for him. Naturally I teared up. I’m so not ready for this and I force myself to remind myself what his daycare teacher Helene told me,…

The best

Sam bought the family the best Christmas gift ever – a chess game. Chess?! The closest I’ve come to understanding chess is watching all episodes of The Queens Gambit. Chess has always frighten me. The pieces are many, have funny names and can go in different directions – all in different ones. It’s all just…

Just according to plan

Tomorrow, dear friends is my 40th birthday and today our youngest showed his first ever interest in the female gender. Just according to plan. “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”


Really, no more words are needed (and if someone wonders, the elderly peeps are my parents).  

It all ended well

Many people misunderstand my strive for happiness as me needing to be happy all the time – H.E.L.L N.O. I am probably the best (meaning highest) combo of all feelings. Sad, angry, happy, etc. etc. Today we (OK I) took a turn to the angry zone. Me and Sam had the worst quarrel since… I…


It has been clear for some time that I have a need to practice my patience. So does my oldest offspring. It is very clear that when the two of us get inpatient at the same time (sometimes for the same reasons sometimes not) hell breaks out. I know as a grown up I have…

My favourite thing just right now

At the moment there is one thing that makes my heart be just a liiiitle warmer. Fabian listening to music with his newly bought headphones. Listening and singing. The headphones makes him sing loud, sometimes, when in English or Portuguese the abbriviation might not be 100% accurate. Sometimes even somewhat hard to identify. But adorable….


Here he is. Our little soccer player. After 4 days of soccer camp he decided to fall a sleep in the sofa. He loved it. He will not play defense. It sucks.


Sometimes happiness can be ridiculously simple. Here is one example.

Die just a little

The other day I commented on a blog on the kliché of how fast it goes. On how fast they grow up. This clip of Fabian reminds me, in a bitter sweet way, of the fact that I do not have any small ones anymore. And it hurts. To prove that they do grow, I…


Yesterday, was mine and Sam’s date night. To tell the truth it was more me wanting it then he needing it. After dinner, somewhat stressed we went to Rock the ballet, a little less prestigious form of ballet with different rock classics. Sam liked it a lot. He got somewhat bored in end of the…

Practice makes perfect

Words can probably not describe the Mr’s happiness that at least one of his offsprings have taken football to his heart (at least for now). Ever so often they go into the garden to practice. Fabians shots has become better, both stronger and more precision. I see the dream in the Mr’s eyes. One day…