It all ended well

Many people misunderstand my strive for happiness as me needing to be happy all the time – H.E.L.L N.O. I am probably the best (meaning highest) combo of all feelings. Sad, angry, happy, etc. etc. Today we (OK I) took a turn to the angry zone. Me and Sam had the worst quarrel since… I…

Happiness on a Friday morning

What is the better moment than now, to feel happiness and gratitude? When I woke up my boys this morning I felt nothing but gratitude for the fact that they are in my life. Great feeling to acknowledge  


Already yesterday I wanted to write a post as tribute to my husband. Something I actually think is quite tacky thing to do in social media (just like posting an ridiculous amount of self portraits.. who does that?! … ;). It is something with the quadruple superlatives of one’s partner, that leaves me with the…

All they need is love

It is so clear that the only thing our children want is our time and ability to be here and now. Yesterday, for the first time in a long (two, maybe three, months) time, I read to my children. It has always, since they were really small, been something we have done at bedtime. That…

Some 20 years ago

The 11 june 1993, 20 yrs ago, we kissed for the first time. Yesterday we and 58 of our friends celebrated the that we tied the knot last fall and that the Mr is turning 40 this coming one. Thanks to all. Thank you so much.


Sometimes happiness can be ridiculously simple. Here is one example.