20130731-181028.jpgAlready yesterday I wanted to write a post as tribute to my husband. Something I actually think is quite tacky thing to do in social media (just like posting an ridiculous amount of self portraits.. who does that?! … ;).

It is something with the quadruple superlatives of one’s partner, that leaves me with the feeling; “What is she/he hiding?” “What is so bad in their relationship that they constantly need to brag about how fantastic it is”… Sure, there is a slight chance that the person just is very much in love, but do you really need to brag about it? (And with that said, I have ripped apart the only pupose with social media and I should stop posting things myself.)

Anyway, yesterday evening we had a big thunderstorm passing us. My husband came with the brilliant idea to take the kids and drive down to the beach and watch it from there. I told him how great I thought he was who had these fun ideas which I know will be so memorable for the kids (they will not remember the 500 Skylander action figures we bought them, they will remember this). Said and done at slightly after 10.00 p.m we headed down to the beach and watch mother nature bring on a fantastic light show. Naturally, the boys loved it.

And now to the hilarious part. Which also proves my point about the exaggerated posts. The Mr just called me and informed me that his soccer team had a game on Saturday with evening activity afterwards.

We only have ONE rule in our house besides telling the truth and that is that all activities; jobs, office parties, trainings etc must be in our digital calendar so we individually can accept and/or turn down invitations and make plans. That after game activity was not in the calendar… And now it is me who will attend his grandfather’s birthday party…

I just called my beloved husband, he with the simple but great ideas, for monkey brain. Because that is exactly what he is at the moment.

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  1. Jennica says:

    Hahaha! Tack för dagens gapskratt! Du är väl för härlig…..! 🙂

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      😀 Lycka till imorgon!!! Vi hörs o ses. Kram

  2. Underbart! Riktigt bra skrivet. Du kan ju det där med att skriva.

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Ha ha Lotta, du är go du. Tack!

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