Happiness is…

…when the teenager comes home after practice for a late supper and BY HIM SELF puts the leftovers in a container and place them in the fridge. There can be peace on earth one day too.  

Slowly but surely

We are in the end of July. Summer has been present, at least during the last days. Slowly but surely does reality start kicking in. The Mr started to work again beginning July and I’m taking the possibility sporadic days and half days off. Kids has about three more weeks of summerbreak. But this week…

Happiness could also be…

… when you sleep in late after party with friends and get greated by this Bacon and pancake breakfast provided by your youngest. Whoever he partner’s up with will be a very happy camper.  Love him to the moon and back ❤️


Some days I do think that: 1) I’d be better off without him (reasons can vary from forgetting to put away all the dirty dishes, plain stupidity to spending too much time at one or another soccer pitch) or 2) Life is really unfair that it didn’t let me bump in to Olof Mellberg back…


Sometimes happiness shows up when you least expect it. Like coming home from AW and dinner with great friends and your children have had a great day. (It could’ve been better if the husband hadn’t been working, but on the other hand having a job can also bring happiness). I almost felt like Tom:

Out and about

How I love nature. To be out walking and talking and, at times, taking pictures. We have been quite good at it over the years – thanks to being a dog owners.                 

A day in the sun

If the summer would getting grades, it would fail miserably this year. Until today (or two days prior if we are to be precize). We, however, haven’t gotten the chance to enjoy it, until today. The was spent with friends. First at the local pool and the kids were more in the pool than out…

What to do

Somtimes I just want to hug my children and tell them that everything is going to be all right. So that is exactly what I do. #theonlywayicanbeaparent

I’m a planner

I get happy when I plan stuff. Probably makes me a person of control. I get really excited and happy when I plan stuff around food. Not because I love it so much, more the opposite. I hate cooking and have realized that with some good planning the process goes so much smoother. So, now I have…

Happy Easter

As always when I write a lot at work I write less privately. So let’s keep it short and rejoice that spring and Easter are here and we celebrate it with friends, family, outdoor activities, wine and ridicolous amounts of candy. Happy Easter all!