At times I feel like the oldest fart in the world.

Why? I tell you why. Because when I have agreed to something I stick to it. It is as simple as that.

If I for some reason can’t keep what’s agreed. I tell involved people. Just like that. I do not let them know by not showing up.

And last, I for sure do not suggest that we change agreed things as a service to you. I stand for what I do.

But sometimes I feel very lonely in this and that’s why I feel old and close to extinct.

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  1. I know what you mean. I try to teach the kids that you have to stick with plans you first made, even if something more interesting shows up. Anyway, you’ve not alone.. I’ve learnt the hard way not to expect too much from people…

    1. louisedock says:

      But why should WE settle for less Emma? I just think it is sad. But since I can’t change people I put my energy in being a proud “sticker”.

      1. Depending on who you want to spend your time with? Is this individual so fabulous that his/hers company is worth being stood up for from time to time? Do you believe in second chances? In 25th chances? Choose your company wisely

      2. louisedock says:

        Wise insights from a wise woman. BUT I find it harder when these people of a more professional nature, but still a choice.

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