There are advantages by living in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere. You get really good at appreciate light.

After (about) midsummer (end June) and until mid/end December we are getting less of it. And yes, in the really far north there is no light at all for a short time (but that is compensated during summer by having no darkness at all). And even if we don’t really think about it until end August and then don’t really notice it until end October (due to the daylight savings thing) we are getting less of it.

Naturally, this is not the “oh so positive thing about living close to the polar circle”, but when the lights returns – that’s when the joy hits, right up your face.

Today was this day. During our morning walk with the dog, which usually happens at the same time every week-day, it suddenly struck us – the mornings has become brighter. Life is about to return (yes, winter is some form of hibernation). There is only one way to express it:


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