I love the sun. It doesn’t need to be ridiculously warm, but sun helps. Today is such a day. Time to enjoy it, with a cup of coffee. Ahhhh.  


Life hasn’t stopped, we are just on vacation and looking forward to two and half more weeks of it. Beach, soccer world-cup, swimming, head injuries, friends, wine, more friends, ice-cream, biking, sun, movies, books, playing cards, late mornings, parties, dancing, more wine, tennis, jellyfish (the stinging kind), wasps (also the stinging kind), bbq etc etc….

Morning walk

Happiness comes in different forms and sizes for us all. For me it came this morning, with a late start, bit of sun and a walk with my darlings.


There are advantages by living in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere. You get really good at appreciate light. After (about) midsummer (end June) and until mid/end December we are getting less of it. And yes, in the really far north there is no light at all for a short time (but that is…

Right here, right now

Sitting in my favourite armchair. A new book (well for me…), a cup of coffee, the afternoon sun sipping through the window and the rest of the family up to theirs. I am complete. There is nothing more I need. Happy happiness.

What do you think about?

What do think about when you run? Or really what goes through your mind. Today, once again Sweden showed herself from the best of sides. The day have been really warm and I waited until 8:00 pm for my 7 k run. I did stop for some pictures, I just had to. My thoughts today…

Die happy

Part of my happiness is to be mindful and seize the day. No, it for sure doesn’t happen everyday, but quite often and I would say it is because I look for these moments. Today was (and the day is only half over) one of these days. The weather was great and we headed for…

Still in recovery

Our home is still in recovery after Saturday’s party. Amazing how much junk there can be inside a house when the party was outside.  Apparently we should have sun (according to the forecast) but it is grey and rainy :(. Oh well, this day will pass as well. 

My life, right here right now

When I walked out from yoga class 20 minutes ago. Warm beams from the sun kissed my face. And right there, at that very moment, I once again got a proof that I am doing the right thing for me, in my life. I will continue to live my life. Right here, right now. I…