7 days

Gee, seven days… Seven days is a long time in the blog world. I am more or less no longer existing… sorry.

What has happened? My last post taught me that my children has integrity which I need to respect. So I will think twice before I post things of them. Which might be hard they are such a big part of life, but I will respect it.

What else… new knowledge, old knowledge still valid, fun work, less fun work, fantastic colleagues, less… no my colleagues are the best, managers (just managers), kids to practice, kids from practice (what it is a treat to have a husband also working part time), no practice since I get different symptoms of colds all the time. Tuesday I stayed in bed all day except when I went to the doctors to get a cough syrup that could make me sleep all night.

BIRTHDAY! I had my birthday on Monday and I got  celebrated by the best family ever.

That is about it, I guess… Promise I get better at this.

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