Oh what a day

Today has been one of these days that takes you forward, inward and upwards. Making you realise that the sky is the limit. If that is what you want it to be.

The day stared with a morning lecture about the future trends of global business and especially our customers. What is it they want, but foremost what they will demand. Reflections on this with a friend and overall reflections of our fantastic personalities :). But she also made me aware of how some charateristics could improve and some hands on tips how actually become it in everyday situations. Enjoyed a delicious lunch. Thank you Nellie.

I ended it with a visit to a consultancy company that both hires communication consultants and is the middle hand to other companies. To be honest I do not expect much, but new connections are always good.

As I woke up at 05.50 am I pretty tired and will now share all my learnings with my wonderful husband (who has done laundry, grocery shopping, slept and played WoW…), eat candy and watch “The croods“. Lovely life.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennica says:

    Hon är inte så dum hon den där Nellie! Rätt så himla fantastiskt faktiskt! 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Ja det är h💜n!

  2. Nellie says:

    Vi hade en riktigt bra förmiddag! Det gör vi igen. 🙂 Kram

    1. louiseinskottorp says:


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