Will not!

Yesterday I heard Fabian coughing… again. He later complained about a soar throat. And then some more coughing. Last week the whole family was well after four weeks of cold from one to another and now we are back at it. I almost panicked when I heard the coughing. I will not WILL NOT be…

If I only

If I only were like these friends. They who, when I wish them happy travels and complained about my cold, delivers a fresh garden bouquet within minutes. I am not like that. I’m not even close to that level of consideration. But happy that I’ve got friends that are. Highly appreciated.    

At the top while at the bottom

Even if the header is slight exaggeration of my current status I can not find a better way to describe the man-cold that currently has taken hostage over my body. But even if I am close to death, I joined the rest of the family for a walk in the forrest today. And it was…

7 days

Gee, seven days… Seven days is a long time in the blog world. I am more or less no longer existing… sorry. What has happened? My last post taught me that my children has integrity which I need to respect. So I will think twice before I post things of them. Which might be hard…

Com’ on already

Swedes (in general) does not like to chitchat with unknown people. But we are working on it. And when we do, we follow the British and talk about the weather. And do we have things to say about the weather at this moment. Get lost. Disappear. We love a real winter but end March? –…

Status up-date

Still down, just so you know. By the way, happy birthday mum. Love you.


After the flu letting its grip go I am down again with the mother of all colds. Feeling an enormous pity for myself.

Time to let go

I am sick of it. The cold, especially the cough that is irritating and comes at the worst times and NEVER stops. And then the headache that comes with the cough. Arrrhhhhhhh! But then we have the little baby that make you happy (even if he is not that happy anymore, but still cute).