That ol’ saying

In Sweden we have this saying “One shall hear a lot, before the ears fall off.”, meaning that sometime you cannot believe what people are telling you.

Today was one of those days. I will tell you as much that it has to do with what tricks people are willing to take just to secure their own professional success (? or at least what they think is their success). And this is done when children are dying in wars, due to poverty, neglect or plain accidents. Really?! How can people sleep at night?! At the same time these terrible things are happening someone has the gut to backstab others just because they are scared. Seriously?!

I truly hope these people will spend their last night on earth with an anguish from hell (which serves them just right because that is probably what their one way ticket is about to take them).

I cannot respect people who are unable to see the benefits of cooperation. Shame on you – shame.

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