It’s a dog’s life

When growing up, me and my family didn’t have dogs. We had a cat and a number of horses. The Mr did. Both Miniature (I think) Schnauzers and Newfoundland. The Mr and I decided around the turn of the century (God how fun and old that sounds) to get a dog. I know he wanted kids, but I wasn’t ready, so a dog it was.

We did some research of course and was for a short while into Puli. The coolest looking dog ever.

Puli Breed Information

But we realized fast that that fur was not for us to care for.

I can’t remember how we came into the Ridgeback breed. But am I happy we did. The perfect breed for us.

We were going for a puppy, but the breeder we had contact with didn’t get the litter as expected. But she noticed how the male she had, had gotten attached to the Mr. She asked if we take him (2 year at the time) instead for a puppy and we did.

That’s how Tummen (the Thumb…, his registered name was something something Commando) entered our lives. A big 45 kg, beautiful Ridgeback male, kind to everyone. I think we got him around 2000/2001 and he left us in 2010.

Looking at the pictures I can’t really grasp that Samuel (and Fabian for that matter) could hold him by the lead. That wouldn’t be the case with our current boy. Sam can take him for walks himself and Fabian can hold him if we are walking with him. But mr B is getting very worked up when he mets other dogs and can really be hard to handle if you are not used to it.

Anyway, before putting down Tummen we got Kinchie in 2010. We really wanted another breed. As Ridgebacks are not the breed to play fetch with if we put it like that. We did some research and found the German Pinscher. Kinchie was a troubled young lady, that shouldn’t live with other dogs or children I think. She was replaced from the breeders to us and although how sweet she was, we couldn’t keep her. After the third nibble of a child the situation was untenable and we put her down in 2013, just four years old.

But before saying good bye to Kinchie we said “Welcome Buddy”. A new ridgeback and actually the first pup in the family. They did have a lot of fun. But she didn’t see nice when he tried her cage (when he was a puppy) and dragged him out of it by the ear. Leaving me with an ear bleeding terrified little guy. You who know, know

And here we are today. With a small (35 kg) but so kind male, who gets more spoiled by me and the Mr every day. Allowing him to lay on the sofa. Yesterday I placed the armchair (that normally is a big no no) facing the fireplace as he LOVES warmth. And to top it all off he wanted to join us in the bed when the fire went out.

A couple of weeks back we also told the breeder that we would like to have another one of these fantastic and noble creatures.

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