Love them so much

I have had dogs now for 20 years. But I’m still fascinated by them and the fact how much I love them. They are amazing. Especially ours. ❤️

Contemplation & evaluation

The Mr and I try to catch up every now and then. In a more luxurious way than just over the dinner table or during a dog walk. Not that the luxury is necessary, but it doesn’t hurt. As we haven’t done/travelled anywhere in 2020 due to covid, we decided to treat ourselves with an…

It’s a dog’s life

When growing up, me and my family didn’t have dogs. We had a cat and a number of horses. The Mr did. Both Miniature (I think) Schnauzers and Newfoundland. The Mr and I decided around the turn of the century (God how fun and old that sounds) to get a dog. I know he wanted…

All my boys

I am one of them who strongly misbelieve the ones who, in their social media status, constantly tell how fantastic their partners and/or children are. We all know they might be and most likely are asses (or something similar) more often than they are perfect. Never the less I realize i am one of them….

Just some pics

Took the dog to the beach for a walk the other day. It was a great spring day.


Away on Sam’s grading (? or whatever it is called) for yellow belt in taekwondo, terrible things happened to a dear friend. When we arrived home we met him and a lady friend of his brutally battered and bruised. I could never imagine that this would happen, not in our home. I will never feel…

When will it end?

I don’t know where I have been. Probably yelling my lungs off. From this day, I will really think twice, three or 100.074.663 times before I even consider to ask them to stop. And I will be sure to NEVER, EVER blame the older again, even if there are tangible marks of blood on little…