Contemplation & evaluation

The Mr and I try to catch up every now and then. In a more luxurious way than just over the dinner table or during a dog walk. Not that the luxury is necessary, but it doesn’t hurt. As we haven’t done/travelled anywhere in 2020 due to covid, we decided to treat ourselves with an overnight stay and three course dinner at one of our local hotels, Hotel Skansen.

Before we started our development day, I treated the Mr to tag along for my PT session. After all we are in the Valentine era. (My PT is his previous assistant coach, we live in a small world).

There, from the roof top spa, we took the time to evaluate were we are and contemplate over what to do going forward. We didn’t come up with any major changes, but just the fact that we are fine with where we are and where to spend our energy is actually quite good too. To visit the roof top hot pool and jacuzzi when the outside temperature is well below 0 C, and the wind is both chilly and persistent is something that I would recommend all of you to do.

After breakfast we were back home in less than 5 minutes and took the dog for a walk in the amazing weather, where we saw that the ocean is starting to freeze up.

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