Wanting & needing

This year, on the last day of June, it will be 5 years since we moved into our new house. A house somewhat original but still very common. Already when we moved in, I had decided to build a new one as soon as the kids are out. Why? Because I want more from a house, than we allowed this one to give us.

Now I’m debating with my self. Not that it is time for the boys to move out, so no need for decisions. Not that I don’t want a different house – a single storey home, with a huge space for socializing.

But do we need? Do we need a new house? The answer to that is naturally no. Even if this one will have too many rooms when the boys are off. And seeing what can go wrong (read the amount of dishonest builders are out there, yes I know the honest ones are more) in the TV-series “House dreams” make me just a little bit sceptical.

But I continue to follow home builder bloggers, housebuilding companies etc to gather as much information possible to make the decision in the future. What we need.

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