Banks and bulls, why I don’t like to become old

Photo credit: Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández – Unsplash

I don’t have a problem with getting old physically… now that’s a lie! I hate that too, but do my best to “stop Olle at the gate”*. But one thing I do see deteriorating already now, is my ability to keep up with things mentally.

The Mr and I just changed banks to get a better terms for our mortgage. (They say: If you are not happy with your current bank. Just change. It’s easy. Is it? Really?)

Well, anyhow, we did . Changing banks for the mortgage also meant that we changed all accounts to the new bank. In parallel F’s child benefit (In Sweden not means tested) turned into a study grant (not means tested either), with new transactions dates. As he isn’t an adult, the grant is paid to me and later transferred to him. It’s complex. For the banks. And now everything is a mess, because somewhere something got wrong and nobody understands why. Me the least.

I hate when I don’t understand and I dislike the fact that I’m become very cynical when talking (to my husband, not to them) about the people at the banks, who claims everything is fine, while transactions show that it’s not.

Maybe it’s not me getting old and don’t understand. Maybe it is just stupid people working at the banks, who cannot see what I see. This make me very normal, almost super smart, and that made me feel much better.

*To "stop Olle at the gate" is a Swedish idiomatic expression, which means to stop things before they get out of hand. Olle is apparently an old word for bull. And it's better to stop the bull at the gate so he won't be on the loose, because then it will be so much harder to catch him.

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