Doing wrong, making right

I think that people sometimes have too high expectations on each other. Or I should say I have. I dislike doing wrong and I dislike being done wrong to.

But after all we are only humans. And it is not really any problems in doing wrong. It is all about how you handle it.

I contacted a restaurant for a booking and I contacted them several times. I mailed, I phoned, people promised that other people would return. They didn’t. I guess it is the feeling of being ignored I dislike and really ticks me off. Who are you to ignore me?!

But since I do not like to dwell on things I get into action instead. So I called them again and talked to one and explained that I was close to explode over Facebook. I do not know if my “threat” kicked in or that the person just was really good at handle pissed off customers. But as soon as she replied. I was not pissed and the service I got thereafter was fabulous.

I can not wait to get to Kafferosteriet. And enjoy their everything, especially their great staff. I think that you should to.

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