Christmas thankfulness

Silent night or morning in my case. As you know my favourite. Also on Christmas morning. The Mr just came home from working the nightshift, sleeping some hours to later get on a new one. I’ll let the boys sleep a little longer to later force them have breakfast with their mother and joining me for a walk with the dogs.

To be thankful in the none religious way, is one of my most successful ways to my happiness. And even if all other days are great opportunities to be thankful (if not better), Christmas is the season for thankfulness (TM) and I’m thinking a little extra about it.

There are more, but today I’m going to focus on the basics; like the home we have, and all aspects of what makes it a blessing (this becomes very apparent as the snow is falling and the wind is increasing as I write this). The fact that we, have food on our table every day, I’m not sure our sons every have felt the feeling of being hungry (of course they have, but there have always been ways to stop that sensation). Us, naturally the fact that we have each other, but formost that we (especially me and the Mr) like to be around each other and have quite a lot of fun, and not the least our health – both physical and mental.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, regardless if it’s in your faith or not, if not – just have a some wonderful days.

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