Photo credit: Danie Franco – Unsplash

Have I mentioned how old I’m getting? I know, that I over and over again mention that life is going too fast when things happen to the boys. But I never see the connection to me getting old.

BUT what’s leading me on to understanding that I am getting old are all those things that annoy me. You know, when your blood pressure rise for everyday things, that’s sure sign that one is getting old.

Like traffic rules and people who cannot follow them. Not even the simplest ones. E.g. people who ride bikes on the sidewalk. You know when it is just a sidewalk for pedestrians and their dogs and not a combined sidewalk/cycle path. You are on a vehicle – get out on the road! OR people who ride their bikes on the street when there is a cycle path! Especially when the main road is so narrow that cyclists are obstruction the traffic flow. Get on the path, why don’t you (because you are a stupid stupid person)?!

Or people who don’t know how to use their indicator! It’s not like it demands enormous physical effort to do that – but still no. “I’m only turning right and then I don’t need to. I just break and turn” – stupid person!

And then the worst ones. People who park where parking is banned. Our main street and is quite narrow and during the summer we have A LOT OF TRAFFIC. I try to get off the main road as soon as possible, usually demanding a left turn (building up queues behind me) so I need to move fast when opportunity is given.

At one of these crossings is a bakery. People are not allowed to park on the adjacent road next to the bakery, as it becomes a hazard for people entering this road. But of course people do. Because parking at the parking lot 150 m from the bakery isn’t for everyone. Instead I do the continental way: I park and let the hazard warning blinkers on. But dude, that doesn’t help when I need to break in the middel of the main road as I get oncoming traffic and can’t use the left lane to pass your stupidly parked freaking car.

And then the final proof of one is getting old. Complaining about the lazy youth. Yes I’m there.

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