Life reminding itself

You need them. Once in a while you need that inexorably punch in your stomach. A punch that shakes you to your core. A blow that makes an average Friday night important and reminds you that all your days are the most important you have. Because they are your life.

I was aimlessly scrolling my Facebook feed as well all do nowadays (I’m not that there especially often nor do I post especially much anymore) and I see an obituary a friend posted. An obituary she written for her son.

You can’t grasp this fact. Not a Friday night or any day of any week. She explained the process of his passing. He didn’t get to turn nine.

I tell and show my boys daily that I love them, so they know that. This awful news reminded me to suck everything I can out of them while I’m alive. My approach to life has, for at least 15 years, been “I might be hit by a buss on my way home, make sure you do important things with your life.” Now, I will change it to: “You or someone else you care for, might be hit by a buss on your way home, make sure you do important things together with them.”

My thoughts go to my friend and her family. Who are the ones (together with lots of other parents) who need to go through the most devastating thing and I, I’m lucky enough to be able to hug my boys one extra time today.

Be kind to oneanother.

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