Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was this boy. A hearty, intelligent, creative and happy boy. He was very keen on following rules and making right, always putting excellence as his goal.

One of the last days of the semester of his fourth school year he went to school as usual but forgot one very important thing. The keys to his house.

He noticed his lapse when he returned home after school and his parents was nowhere near. He saw his neighbor and was able to borrow the phone to make a call to his mother. The mother, who is oriented to solve problems, said that there was no other way to solve this issue than to go back to school and join the after-school activities which he wasn’t enrolled in. The boy agreed if yet reluctantly to his mother ‘s suggestion.

She later received a text telling that the boy was at a neighbor’s house playing computer games. Somewhat irritated that the boy didn’t do as agreed, the mother was still happy that the boy took own decisions, solved the problem and, most important, was safe.

When she later called to inform the temporary baby-sitter that she was on her way to pick the boy up, she was informed that the boy had picked up his little brother (as he sometimes is asked of his parents to do so, however he wasn’t asked to do so today) from after-school activities and had now joined the party (yes, more children than the two boys were taking over the neighbor’s house as their temporary home).

Arriving at the accidental foster home, she found out that the boy had (after calling his mother to inform her about the “lock out situation” and before ending up playing computer games at the neighbor’s house) been invited to another neighbor for fika. The boy, who is growing a lot, training a lot and always have loved food accepted the invitation (maybe, just maybe the older couple’s unlimited stash of sweets and their willingness to share this stash influenced his decision). But the mother was happy the boy was fed.

When the family; mother and two sons arrived home she noticed something appalling. An attempt to break in to their home had been done. A structure of deck chairs, waste bin and ladder had been used to get up on the roof for further transportation to an half open window on the first floor.

But the little boy calmed his shocked mother that it was no burglar involved in the scheme. It was only him, the boy, who had noticed that the window was open and saw it was a possible entrance to his house. But well on the roof the idea to throw himself from the roof ladder to the open window, (approximately two meters away) wasn’t quite as inviting as one could think when witnessed on TV. The house is, after all, a very tall house. So the boy returned to the safe ground. And the boy continued his search for his temporarily family with computer games down the street.

After the mother overcame her shock when realizing what COULD have happened, she was instead amazed over the boys creativity,  ways to find solutions (different ones for different problems) and self-sufficiency. And she knows that it all will end well, very well.

The boy


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