This “having your own business” is not as flexibel as everybody claims. Today I realize, I will miss my kids last day of school (which is something I ALWAYS attend) and their fabulous singing AND I will make the biggest error a parent can do; I will not be home on Fabian’s birthday (well, it is not like I am spending the night somewhere else, but I will be off in the darkest forrest). I have always been home on my children’s birthdays as it is, their birthday (!) and it shall be celebrated with your parents home. At the moment I am falling off my high horses with a BANG!

I will for sure die and live my afterlife in the roaring flames of hell. And yes, this is the only destiny I do deserve.

But, this has taught me something for the future. Next time, make sure you know what is coming up so you can tell your customers you have other obligations those days. You live you learn.

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