Tesla our queen

Yesterday, we did our second dog show ever. Last time was pre kids and with our first Ridgeback. We are total amateurs. We knew this already, but it became very clear upon our arrival. Or I shouldn’t say we, I should say the Mr. This was totally his idea and he had to handle it from start to finish. That’s probably also why we were on site at 08.15 am, but we didn’t enter the ring until 12.45 pm… The Mr did the handling as well, I think with some more trining I belive he’s a naturall talent đŸ€Ł. However, I don’t want him to enter the world of dog show handlers. The environment between the “professional” handlers were both tense and quite toxic. Which was very surprising thinking of the level of this show. On the , but still not, knowing what world we live in. I guess it only has to do to my

Anyhow, we saw that we have the most petite little girl. She’s so submissive to all other dogs. Her litter sister was 10 kg (!) heavier and at least 10 cm taller. Maybe she was a big gal, but really… Our princess also have a lot of black face and body, which isn’t according to breed standards. She got the assessment “Very good” which is the second best, due to her amount of back fur. But as our friends said she’s the happiest dog and that’s what counts.

So know we know more than we did the day before yesterday, that ALL male except puppies, dogs are shown first and that it’s really good to have a programme sheet at hand. Now things bar back to normal and the Queen is back in her warm arms of her pack.

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  1. TheDogGod says:

    hey fellow bloggers
    I loved reading about your experience at the dog show, and I think it’s amazing that you and your partner took on this challenge as amateurs. It’s great to hear that your partner did so well with handling the dog and that he may have a natural talent for it. It’s also refreshing to hear your perspective on the toxic environment among professional handlers and how you don’t want to enter that world. Overall, your positive attitude and willingness to try new things is inspiring!
    Thanks – TheDogGod – pomeranianpuppies.lovestoblog.com

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