Death as a constant companion

During the last weeks we’ve been reminded that life is not forever. Buddy Boy is getting older and some days life seems to move faster towards its end. We’ve decided that we shouldn’t wait until he’s really bad, but still it’s so hard to understand when that is. Until then, we enjoy life.

Just a reminder

Now when people post their most sparkling family portraits on social media. Remember this. It could be a true reflection of a truly blissful life or it’s a more or less staged moment seconds from chaos.

Play date

So her best Ridgeback friend is down at her summer home and we were invited to come play. Great times!

Trying out the new camera

Bought myself a new mobile phone the other day. Haven’t done that in four years. The camera is really an upgrade and since the kids don’t want to model, I go for the little princess.


We X-rayed Tesla’s hips and elbows today. With we I mean I. Getting people and animals sedated is not my cup of tea. Not that it’s me putting the drugs into their system, but I don’t like seeing them doze off. As I have my limits, it’s always been the Mr caring for the boys…


Yesterday, we did our second dog show ever. Last time was pre kids and with our first Ridgeback. We are total amateurs. We knew this already, but it became very clear upon our arrival. Or I shouldn’t say we, I should say the Mr. This was totally his idea and he had to handle it…

There’s no place like home

When away, the dogs are at a boarding home (for dogs), Svalbogård (they were founded pre social media and is still here so no website available). We had them there for Sam’s graduation as Tesla would have knocked both people and party tent over. Then a couple of days later we left them there again…

Too little attention

She thinks she’s gotten too little attention lately. The human children eating all the lime light. so, here she is – our little princess/diva. And our four legged prince.


Today we had a play date with one of my high school friends and family. With we I mean the dogs. Buddy haven’t had so many play dates due to his parents. I’m devastated over this fact, when I see how good he is. Buddy, Tesla and Sansa had a great time – and so…

4.5 weeks

Meaning that in 3.5 weeks she will be home and then crazy will live here for a while. We were asked to pick two, the breeder will then decide. Mine and Fabian’s favourite was light blue. While Sam’s was yellow. The Mr loved them all.

Half an hour

A walk for half an hour is what you need. I have no scientific proof behind this statement. But it felt good. A half an hour walk by the beach with a happy dog and you have the best possible base for a good day.

Christmas tree

So, it was time again to decorate the annual Christmas tree. The two boys and myself did it. Found us a tree (no, not chopping one in the woods, more buying one at the lot outside our supermarket), got it home and decorated it proudly! This year we went for the white and silver combination….


I mowed the lawn yesterday, the Mr. took care of someother garden chores. Buddy the liondog (ridgeback) sat on the elevated patio observing us and his lands. All of a sudden the Mr. whistled for my attention. I came over and saw the liondog with his nose in the dirt by the lilacs. A MOUSE!…

At the top while at the bottom

Even if the header is slight exaggeration of my current status I can not find a better way to describe the man-cold that currently has taken hostage over my body. But even if I am close to death, I joined the rest of the family for a walk in the forrest today. And it was…

Morning walk

Happiness comes in different forms and sizes for us all. For me it came this morning, with a late start, bit of sun and a walk with my darlings.


Went upstairs to tuck in the kids. Came down and found this. We have 100% animal free sofa… . We later felt sorry for him and invited him here instead.

Time to let go

I am sick of it. The cold, especially the cough that is irritating and comes at the worst times and NEVER stops. And then the headache that comes with the cough. Arrrhhhhhhh! But then we have the little baby that make you happy (even if he is not that happy anymore, but still cute).

Visiting family

Today’s outing was to Buddy’s breeder. There he got the chance to catch up with his sister, mum and grandmother. They clearly showed who decided. Lot’s of play was the result and left him quite tired. Fabian and Buddy’s grandma found a connection. Have some great pics, just need them to travel through space first.