What’s happines May 2021

Easy, a vintage (TM) display cabinet. We (read I) have searched for five years after the perfect cabinet to place here. Got it. Full credit for helping us out (making it happen at all) to Malmnäs Möbler & Interiör, who found it and delivered it.

I couldn’t help myself

Last week spring arrived and with very high temperatures. Now the weather is back to below zero during the nights. And even if the sun has been shining today and the temperature in the sun is quite OK, the wind chill and the shadows are not warm at all. But still I couldn’t help myself….

There is a time for everything

Two summers ago the Mr and I stood by the ocean while our kids were swimming and playing in it and asked ourselves; “Is it time to move back?” 16 years ago we left the Mr’s home town to move to the other side of the country. Two years later we were looking for a house to turn into a…

Christmas tree

So, it was time again to decorate the annual Christmas tree. The two boys and myself did it. Found us a tree (no, not chopping one in the woods, more buying one at the lot outside our supermarket), got it home and decorated it proudly! This year we went for the white and silver combination….

Christmas in da house

I love Christmas. Did you read LOVE. I can’t get enough. I love the lights, the food, the candy, the champagne (more of a new tradition) the “cosyness”. And I, as opposite others, would never go away during Christmas. If I do, it must be to a place with more snow and more Christmas than…

Before and after

Did some cleaning for the little ones birthday celebration. It looked like this in the livingroom. Then the Mr came home from work, and all of a sudden the livingroom table looked like this.

Today’s disturbance of circles

You know, we all have them. Things that you have a really hard time living with. The Mr have a hard time when ladels etc points at him at the dinner table. I, I have really hard time when you make the bed with unmatching bed linnen. When the pillowcases don’t match the blankets. Apparently…


THE couch arrived! Finally the whole family can hang (and I mean hang) together in front of the TV. Heck now just three of us can hang with enough space. Me is very happy.

The best thing

The best thing with buying something new is that you need to by more new things. So with the new couch I realized that I need a new sideboard to have behind it for different important things, like candles. And the best thing with me is that I am soooo good at planning and searching. So…

Help wanted

OK, I need to know where I can buy a COMFORTABLE, lay-down-to watch-TV sofa ( I do not need a sofa where granny can get up, she can sit in on the kitchen chair) for a family of 4 (where of two members are growing taller, while the other is growing wider) and an occasionally…


At the garden work goes forward. Much thanks to the Mr. Love him especially much for that.


Why is it so that it only in my (OK ours) house it is dusty. Have I stept on the evil dust queens toes, so she sneaks in here every night and pours her disgusting dust bag all over the place? I am just wondering?

Welcome into my home

Got stuck in front of the computer (just before going to bed… why does it always happen) and for some reason I started to search for pictures of our kitchen. When we moved in we did a made a budget renovation of the kitchen. We fixed the cabinet doors, changed the counter top and sink….

We must…

… get ourselves a new sofa. It is only a matter of time before the one we got will break (literally) down.

Christmas tree

Here it is. Our Christmas tree for this year. I think that it accidently got the same colours as last year (what ever that means). As always, when it comes to Christmas tree decoration, more is better! Which can, to some extent, hide the VERY wired shape it has. I wonder what we were thinking…


It is s clear now. We have too much stuff. I will dedicate my summer holiday to get rid of stuff. Not the most appealing thought if the summer will be sun, sun, sun and 30 degrees.  But when we are tired of all the sun or if it rains one day, I won’t complain….

Happy Midsummer

Midsummer is the most Swedish of all Swedish traditions. To be celebrated with family and friends. The Mr is working the nightshift and is not able to participate parts of the day and night. But the boys and I went to the common celebration of rising of the Maypole and went for a little walk on…

On the road again

Sitting in front of the macbook and googling. Looking for new houses. The house we live in is from 1934 and we have done extensive renovations on it. I love, that is why we bought it. The man, however, is longing for a modern home, architectural wise, so maybe we will build a new one….


Today I visted friend that has been my friend since high school (and lets face it, it is a long time since high school). We went Christmas decoration shopping (allways remember more is more). Shopping with two 4-year olds is OK. It is first when you through that 1.5 year old on to it, your…


Finally, I got them! And for sure in the very last second I would say. For a long time, at least 2.5 years or so, I have been figuring out what we need for our small entrance (or appendix as Tobias choose to call it). The small entrance is directly connected to our kitchen and…