There is a time for everything

Two summers ago the Mr and I stood by the ocean while our kids were swimming and playing in it and asked ourselves; “Is it time to move back?”

16 years ago we left the Mr’s home town to move to the other side of the country. Two years later we were looking for a house to turn into a home for the family we were planning to get. We looked to the west again (cause really everything happens on the west coast and I love to watch the sun set) and found our dream house just outside his home town.

I loved it the moment I sat my foot over the threshold (no, actually when I saw the picture of the stairs at the brokers) and with the (unbelievable amount of) renovation we have done, I have come to love it even more.

During the “selling/finding a new home process” I have found myself a little too attached to the building than what most probably is considered healthy. But slowly I am realizing, what I feel is probably more nostalgia. The dear memories we have created during our time in this house. A short reminder that life always is moving on and we need to move with it.

Now it is time to let someone else get great memories in this fantastic home.

homeIf you are looking for a fabulous home in Skottorp (right in-between the second and third biggest cities in Sweden, with 3 ks to the ocean and good commuting possibilities to both Halmstad and Helsingborg) this is the house for you. Contact our real estate broker at

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