Driving Dolph Lundgren

The other night I, as I usually do during week nights, drove offsprings to and from practise. Right there, I realized I wasn’t drivning Sam, I was drivning Dolph.


Mr Dolph Lundgren was our pride And joy during the early 80’s. He was the one fighting Rocky Balbo as the tall blond, russian God – Drago.

Returning home to Sweden doing interviews in the trail of his success he forgot his mother tongue, or at least the occasional words. This is nothing you do in Sweden. You can be as successful as you can (no you can’t, because then Jante comes), but do not forget where you come from and by all means DO NOT forget Swedish.

Talking to my own offspring in the car that night, was most likely how it was to talk to Mr Lundgren back the days. He was saying sentences, where he exchanges one and the other word to the English equivalent.

It’s fun, I am proud, but I also think it is important, just like all of us Swedes did back in the 80’s, to care for your mother tongue.

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  1. lottasvedeborn says:

    Visst är det lustigt hur de slänger in engelska i meningarna. Speciellt vår lille Kalle, han pratar mer och mer som Dolph, plus att han ändrar ordföljden i stil med Yoda. Men tänk vad härligt att de tidigt lär sig nya språk!

    1. louisedock says:

      Ja, jag förstår dock Kalle lite mer som lever i ett engelsktalande land. Samuel hör det ju “bara” på Tv och Internet. Men jag tycker att det är fantastiskt! Tänk att kunna ett språk så bra, så unga 😄!

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