In a couple of weeks (if just the temperature will rise some more) our garden will peak. Our cherry blossoms are divine. DIVINE.

Maundy Thursday’s egg hunt

I think I have a small hunch to why, we in our household, have the Easter egg hunt on Maundy Thursday. In Sweden kids dress up as Easter witches on Maundy Thursday and goes “trick or treating” (or just treating – meaning walking around the neighbourhood asking for money or candy) before leaving for Blåkulla….

Not much

Currently not much is happening. Summer has arrived in our part of Sweden and the weather has been nice. Maybe a little too windy and slightly colder the last days, but hey it’s not raining. Sam’s school has ended and Fabian is out on Tuesday. I’m waiting for vacation. The Mr is caring for our…

I couldn’t help myself

Last week spring arrived and with very high temperatures. Now the weather is back to below zero during the nights. And even if the sun has been shining today and the temperature in the sun is quite OK, the wind chill and the shadows are not warm at all. But still I couldn’t help myself….